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Full-service FF&E procurement company


¿What we do?

We are not a conventional procurement company or interior design firm Instead, we embrace a comprehensive, innovative and effective approach in providing solutions to developers, architects or interior designers.

We are leaders in the procurement management of FF&E (furniture, fixtures and fittings) in México. It is our speciality and the core of our business, which sets us apart in the market.


Our specialized services:


  • FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) management and procurement.

  • Interior design audit and consultancy.

  • Tailored solutions.

  • Turnkey delivery.

  • High quality furnishings.

  • Bespoke furniture.

  • Contract quality.

  • Logistics & risk management.

  • Storage and installation.

¿How we do it?

  • Meticulous development of budgets, schedules and comprehensive cost analysis.

  • Thorough comparison of product prices and implementation of value engineering.

  • Rigorous project accounting to ensure financial transparency.

  • Accurate control and effective cost management at all stages of the process.

  • Comprehensive management of supplies and operational teams.

  • Logistics and risk management.

  • Efficient coordination of warehousing, freight and logistics to ensure a smooth supply chain.

Our firm not only specializes in procurement management, but also provides a full range of services that ensure excellence in every aspect of the procurement process. 

  1. Optimize budget and delivery by up to 20%.

  2. Market launch on time and on budget.

  3. Quote your equipment in line with the interior design.

  4. Delegate the whole process to a trusted partner.

  5. Receive a turnkey project 100% guaranteed.

  6. Prevention of possible failures. 

  7. Continuous assistance to the client.

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