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Helena Lillo Thill


Francisco Toro Ramirez


Giovanni Villanueva.jpg

Giovanni Villanueva

business Developer Manager


Andrea Beltrán

Diseñadora de interiores


Mariana lamberti

Business Developer

Toro & Thill was founded in 2017 by Helena Lillo and Francisco Toro. We are a team of architects and interior designers based in Mexico City and Miami, FL. with an experience that spans for more than 15 years in the real estate development market. Without leaving aside academic principles, we have forged a profile based on merging diverse professional experiences: United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and Colombia. We have developed a vision that blends tradition with cutting edge technological and cultural trends. Our Director of Design has collaborated with renowned architecture and interior design studios throughout her career: Foster + Partners, in London; and Tomás Alía Estudio, in Madrid. Developing solid skills in multiple large-scale project's interior design and management: hotels, corporate, residential and mixed-use.

Our expertise in the real estate development market has allowed us to become aware of a constant: the lack of effectiveness to furnish with clear goals: on-schedule, on-budget, quality; following established aesthetic guidelines. We know very well how an appropriate furnishing strategy adds value to a property. Through extensive experience, we have developed the skills necessary to pick and integrate those key furniture pieces in order to make projects unique. We manage every single stage of the process, from design to installation. We deliver turnkey interior design and furnishing integration projects, following complex and tight schedules.


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